Top 5 reasons to buy pre-owned sneakers!

Top 5 reasons to buy pre-owned sneakers!

The Sneaker Exit is back with another great read for all of our sneakerheads. Many of us have already done this but some are fearful of buying pre-owned kicks. We are going to give you 5  reasons why you should cop some pre-owned kicks!

  1. Price

You can get an awesome pair of exclusive sneakers for a much lower price than that high price tag for your favorite pair Off-White Jordans or Nikes.


2. You can wear them whenever you want!

The best part of a used sneaker? You can wear them! No need to keep them DS for better value.



3. Retain value of what you paid for.

You paid $650 for them VNDS. You sell them for $620 two years later! Not a bad deal if you ask us.



4. Buy a beater pair of your favorite sneaker!

We all have a favorite sneaker we want multiples of. Buy a beater pair to wear all the time. The best part about sneakers is wearing them!



5. Resell opportunity

You can sell your sneakers for much higher than what you paid for. Admit it. You can’t say that about many of your other things.


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