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The Sneaker Exit is the ultimate sneaker trade show. Highlighting sneakers and the streetwear culture. The premier stop for your sneaker journey. The Sneaker Exit is a fun environment for you to conduct transactions of footwear, clothing, and accessories.

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A unique and powerful community of sneaker enthusiasts from all walks of life gather at The Sneaker Exit. We strengthen the bonds that our guests share by having pride of the influence we can have on the sneaker community.


Events provide memories that can last a lifetime. It is our duty to produce the best event we can every time. Our whole staff needs to embrace this attitude to create an amazing event experience.


We welcome hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees every year to buy, sell, and trade. It is our duty to create a safe environment for every one. We implement safety practices for transactions and safety procedures for emergencies.


We play a pivotal role for the sneaker community. Our event encourages entrepreneurship and opportunity for those who participate in the secondary market of footwear. The responsibility of our team is to represent our brand with purpose every chance we get.

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Get a head start in your college career and build amazing event experience.

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Amazing opportunities to expand your influence by being part of The Sneaker Exit.

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