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I am Harrison Clottey and i curate event experiences for niche communities. Glad you made it to take a look at my work for The Sneaker Exit, now let me tell you a bit about this journey. Just like any niche interest, the enthusiast has a deep desire to connect with others that share the same passion. The Sneaker Exit originated from the idea of meeting fellow sneaker heads while they navigate through their journey and taking the next exit to indulge into a tailored experience.

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A unique and powerful community of sneaker enthusiasts from all walks of life gather at The Sneaker Exit. We strengthen the bonds that our guests share by having pride of the influence we can have on the sneaker community.


Events provide memories that can last a lifetime. It is my duty to produce the best event we can every time. Our whole staff embraces this attitude to create an amazing event experience.


We welcome hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees every year to buy, sell, and trade. It is our duty to create a safe environment for every one. We implement safety practices for transactions and safety procedures for emergencies.


We play a pivotal role for the sneaker community. Our event encourages entrepreneurship and opportunity for those who participate in the secondary market of footwear. The responsibility of our team is to represent our brand with purpose every chance we get.


Trade Shows


Different cities




Unique event attendees since our inaugural tradeshow.


Unique vendors that have influenced our Sneaker Exit experience.

30K Square Feet

Started inside a 4k square foot event space and trade show has exponentially grown every year.


In 2017, i decided to add more to our experience by creating posters to distribute to attendees. It was a pleasure to work with illustrator Kody Mason from Perth, Australia. Social media allowed us to connect and seamlessly work together to bring my ideas to life. In addition, we outsourced our posters to keep costs low and permit us to give out the posters to attendees for free.

Event Branding

The Sneaker Exit also serves an opportunity for enthusiasts to rock rare sneakers that will be recognized only by sneakerheads in attendance. In 2018, I implemented floor decals into our experience and encouraged attendees to tag us on social media. Take a look!

Social Media

I take great pride in spearheading the content that is shared on our social media platforms. Our content is fueled by members of the sneaker community. We curate content that continues to deepen the relationships between our attendees and vendors.



24,000+ Followers

Reaching sneakerheads all over the country and maintaining the connections we’ve created through our events!


Stunning videos have a great impact on our promotions and we have improved the quality of our content since 2018.


Amazing high definition photos of the latest and rarest sneakers is exactly what our fans like to see and vendors can showcase their experience with our content.


One of our focus points is to allow attendees and vendors to take the experience home. Under my creative direction we created several custom items that are part of our attendees every day life. Shirts, keychains, messenger bags, custom jerseys, buttons, and lanyards.